So, it's possible to simulate gravitation in

I'll maybe create a tutorial, but it's a simple Newton formula encoded in math nodes. The "hard" part was to create the repeat zone.

Watching some videos about . And I see son many people using this fantastic software, then opening Photoshop to color a square or changing contrast... You are depressing...

Okay... on a 4k screen is visually violent. Get used to it... I must admit I've never used such screen resolutions, so I'll have to get used to it.

There is a license problem bout this addon. It must be GPL.

@blender ?

Quad Remesher - Auto Retopology - EXOSIDE

I don't know if you realize it, but my desktop computer dates back to 2009. Since then, I've just added a bit of RAM (24GB), changed a hard disk (to SSD) and found a second-hand RTX3070.
All in all, it cost me 1400€ - for 14 years of existence. It's a Core i7, and allows me to do , , music and gaming. 14 years... And it competes with today's PCs...

Quand j'y pense, y'a 20 ans on me riait au nez parce que je travaillais sur , que je disais que allait devenir un langage majeur, ou encore quand j'utilisais en expliquant qu'il allait un jour rattraper les autres... Je suis pas un génie mais j'ai eu le nez creux là...

A simple first test (excepting scattering tests) on in - nice how simple it is to create "tools" like this.

I learn that abandons the OpenCL support. I was expecting it and I'm very angry. When I think that we paid to make it open-source and that this project is going to the net of the close source companies...

Always impressed that making this with takes 10 minutes - using geometry nodes, simple compositing and no texture (only Nishita sky and nodes to make random colors for blades of grass)

Harrrrgggg I was building one with too 😔 they were faster than me... For

The FreeMoCap Project | HuMoN Research Lab

I will use . Waiting for the V4 that is built with Vulkan support, to export projects on WebGL, mobile and native applications. Godot is already a standard and really opensource (unlike unity). And I can use .

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J'ai trouvé une 2070 FE, testée hier pour du . La vache... Le gain de temps...
Tests sur , idem,. Ça change de ma vielle 1060 avec 3Go de VRAM.

2.91 beta tested... My god, the cloth simulation in sculpt mode is awesome. Collision works great. It seems that it also not crash anymore on my laptop (I didn't test with my desktop computer + NVidia).
I'm impressed, Blender is one of the best example of what opensource can propose. Can't wait the final release.
(But please, try to make Cycles renderer compatible to intel opencl... On Linux, LuxCore does it...)


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