Les gens sont impressionnés par v4... Parce qu'il fait des humains très crédibles. Vous êtes au courant que le model nommé le fait depuis des mois... Et que c'est ?

@metal3d True. There are so many checkpoint / lora which are super photorealistic in SD. But I hope these won’t only specifically in beautiful women (which is fine). General purpose can be useful too. MDv5 is really good at photorealistic normal people.

@eric0x yes. There is also openjourney model and many others that are maybe a bit too segmented. Chance for me, I've got a good NVIDIA card and using InvokeAi I can easily manage and test many models.
I didn't said to not use Midjourney, I'm only a bit sad that open source models are not under the spotlight. Because the quality is very well.

@metal3d Yes. Perhaps Mid journey is easier to access. Only needs Discord then can try it out. For stable journey, at least people have to go through colab / git clone / terminal all that stuff to give it a try.

@eric0x actually there are easy access for stable diffusion on dreamstudio. I personally don't like the use of API on Discord.

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