OK, so... I create a image with "slim", then another with the same package list with 37 (not slim so) => Debian 544Mo, Fedora 443Mo 🤔

@metal3d Not sure if this will be helpful or not, but this #dockerextension has helped me figure out the differences from time to time.

@amyg12345 Well... it's for Docker Desktop and I don't use it (Linux, often Podman instead) - but I know why it's heavier: Debian (as usual) takes too many dependencies for a lot of packages I installed. Fedora is then a better choice here.

@amyg12345 But I keep the link because it could be nice to test this later ;)

@metal3d makes sense! There is a Docker Desktop for Linux now if you end up testing it later!

@amyg12345 I tried. It changes rights and force me to use sudo to retrieve older containers. It is not that bad but it is not what I expect from a container engine. It's better than I. 2018 when I started to use it, that gives a easier way for beginners of course.

I prefer:
- using docker cli
- using podman

I don't like UI for this jobs 😉

@metal3d Totally fair! A UI is not for everyone! Thanks for giving it a try though!

@metal3d if you're trying to get a minimal image, you should test alpine (it very depends on your needs).

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