You can replace "React" by "Vue" for 99% of the article... Excepting the loop example where you can see that it's simpler with the others frameworks.


Vue.js is fucking awesome, I'm just learning it.
How much hard work beyond it!

@Madmonkey yes. And I really love the Typescript version which is way better (no need to use data binder or to manage the data direction)


I'm a total noob there, I'm still trying to understand Node.js to use webpack 😳

@Madmonkey I rarely had to touch this. Vuejs, Angular and even React manage Webpack without the need to understand how it works with.
I think the most important is to understand the frameworks structure and to know others langages like Python + flask to build API and to call it from your interface. That's my vision 😉


I think you're right, I'm trying using Php for rest APIs and Vue Axios for the funny part!

I'm still at CDN stage, but I'd like to use single file component feature 😶

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