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Comment le boulanger range ses pains au chocolat ? 

Dans l’ordre des croissants.

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Rima Hassan convoquée à la direction nationale de la police judiciaire pour "apologie du terrorisme". La candidate LFI aux Européennes "ne sait même pas quels propos sont visés", confie un cadre du parti, qui dénonce une "nouvelle attaque contre la liberté d'expression". Ses déclarations auraient eu lieu entre le 5 novembre et le 1er décembre 2023, selon le document que j'ai pu consulter, soit avant la candidature de la juriste.

#Politique #Off #Palestine #LFI #Justice #Police #Terrorisme

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Sport sous-côté, j'espère que ce sera aux JO 💪🏻

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Israel's crimes against Palestinians are many, and not all are committed with bombs and white phosphorous.

Here a Palestinian mother is dragged from her son’s grave. Israel is demolishing the cemetery to build a theme park 🇵🇸💔

#IsraelWarCrimes #Israel #Palestinians #FreePalestine

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From Elsewhere:


stick your glasses in an envelope & mail to the address below so that kids in Latin America can use them Oct 2, to watch the South American Eclipse

Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC
PO Box 50571
Provo, UT 84605

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#ClimateDiary Rapidly reaching the surreal stage

Farmers who have their entire cropping land submerged underwater have found they are ineligible for a government flooding hardship fund – because their farms are too far from a major river. #Floods #ukpolitics #farming

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“Eccentric concentric circles in Carcassonne citadel”

In the summer of 2018, the city of Carcassonne — a medieval fortress dating back to the Gallo-Roman period — celebrated its twentieth anniversary as a Unesco World Heritage Site by inviting Swiss artist Felice Varini to create an ephemeral work on the city's ramparts and towers.

The artist had glued strips of aluminum foil painted yellow on the stones, to form an anamorphosis: designed to be seen from a specific location, the strips then formed “eccentric concentric circles”, title of the work.

A work amply photographed and shared on social networks, thus ensuring a renewed notoriety to the city. The work was then, as expected, dismantled.

But the bands left traces on the walls, where the concentric circles are finally still visible, in hollow, like the skin remained under a bathing suit all summer... They should leave gradually, but difficult to anticipate the time necessary.


📅 16 August 2022

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + 16-80mm
🎛️ ISO 200, ƒ/11, 1/170 s

#Travel #TravelPhotography #Europe #France #Occitania #Photography #Fujifilm #Fuji #XT3
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X rolled out a change that automatically converts all links that have the string “twitter” *anywhere* in them to “X.”

For example, if someone tweets the link ``, the X client application will change that link to ``.

This is not a joke.

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Pascal Praud, l’heure des cibles

Le présentateur de #CNews s’est fait une spécialité de jeter en pâture dans ses émissions des personnes qu’il accuse de vouloir censurer les voix de droite, déclenchant contre eux des torrents de menaces de morts et d’insultes. Il sera jugé en juin pour diffamation.

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Solar eclipse alt-text:


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Handy guide for April 8 I learned from an astronomer once upon a time:

☀️ — 🌙 — 🌎 = Solar Eclipse

☀️ — 🌎 — 🌙 = Lunar Eclipse

🌎 — ☀️ — 🌙 = Apocalypse

Enjoy! And wear your safety glasses, especially in case of apocalypse!

EDIT: Credit to @AstroKatie (who I just happily learned is on Mastodon)

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To expand a bit, there's no way to build something on the web without HTML—even if that HTML is written via JavaScript.

Similarly, there's no (reasonable) way to adjust the appearance of that HTML without CSS—even if that CSS is written via JavaScript.

These days, HTML and CSS can handle massive amounts of things that used to require JavaScript.

So if JavaScript is the least critical and least reliable part of the stack, we should all strive to use it less rather than more.

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Si vous connaissez pas le boulot de Yann Bouvier (@leprofdedates), un prof et chercheur en histoire qui décortique les conneries dites par les uns et les autres, je conseille vivement :

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La Seine est en crue à Paris, les canards et les cygnes chillent sur les bancs des quais qui ont les pieds dans l'eau.

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FIP : "la différence entre un crocodile et un alligator, vous la connaissez ?"


FIP: "Le crocodile a une gueule plus longue en forme de V"

Ils sont pas drôles 😐

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Israel has a long history of war crimes and flouting international law. This is an image from 2006 when Israel struck a Red Cross ambulance in Lebanon right through the roof logo.

Why does the world continue to allow it?

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